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An Introduction to Meisner,

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Private coaching available.


Jill Bess

An exciting new acting studio for actors

ages 18 and up!

Acting Classes with Jill Bess


Current & Upcoming Classes

(Look for group classes starting in October/November of 2018)

Private Coaching available now. Call 907-250-3633

Principles of Acting - An Introduction to Meisner

* Intro to Meisner(A three month class that meets twice weekly)

* Auditioning! How to choose material and prepare for an audition! (A two-part weekend class)

* Private Coaching available year round. Call to set up an appointment.

New classes TBA in fall 2018​ (See description of classes below)

INTRO TO MEISNER - An introduction to the Sanford Meisner approach to beginning acting technique. Twenty acting classes (two 3-hour classes per week) are conducted in a 12-week session. In this class the actor works to learn and apply fundamental acting principles through a step-by-step progression of exercises that develop his/her ability to work organically, and to create truthful and expressive behavior in acting.  Although this class serves as a beginner acting class, it is for all levels of acting, from beginner to the well seasoned actor.

Class Size & Commitment -  15-20 highly committed students per class. Full commitment at all classes & some out of class rehearsal is required.

AUDITIONING! HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATERIAL AND PREPARE FOR AN AUDITION -A two-part workshop for two-weekends. Audition technique, choosing audition material, the difference between auditioning for film and stage, speech and diction and relaxation techniques. Classes are 4 hours each weekend, and group & individual time will be given to all.

Class Size & Commitment - 12-15 students, beginning and advanced. Some outside of class required for research and memorization. Class will be filmed both weekends and will have videotape available at end of session.

PRIVATE COACHING AVAILABLE - Jill will gladly work with individuals for upcoming auditions, performances, or just for regular work on speech/diction, building confidence, character work, focus, physical relaxation on stage, and more. Coaching sessions are 1/2 hour or 1 hour, 1-2 times a week, depending on need and objectives of student.